The Governing Board of the PCCB includes representatives from sponsoring associations and public interest members. 


Kate Davies - Public Interest

After 10 years in local government (Surrey County Council followed by the Association of County Councils)  Kate joined the Building Societies Association's/Council of Mortgage Lenders' Legal and Practice team in  December 1991.  When the BSA and CML formally separated in 1995 she became the CML's Senior Policy Adviser,  concentrating principally on the implementation of the industry's voluntary Mortgage Code and the introduction of the  FSA's MCOB regime.  Since leaving the CML in December 2008 Kate has worked as an independent consultant.  She joined the Board of the Darlington Building Society in November 2011, the PCCB in March 2012 and has been working  since July 2012 with the Equity Release Council.

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The Board

Kate Faulkner - Public Interest

Kate is a leading property consultant and property market commentator.  Kate's business provides consumers with  independent advice on how to buy, sell, rent, invest, renovate, maintain or build a property. Kate publishes monthly  summaries of what's happening to property prices and rents and the impact this has on consumers, businesses and  the industry. Kate works with leading companies to improve and enhance industry engagement with consumers.  She runs a business called 'Designs on Property Limited' and advises consumers and businesses on property  projects and communication. Kate has written six books on property, including four for the consumer  organisation Which?, and is a regular contributor to BBC programmes and other media on property issues. 

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Angela Newton - Public Interest

Angela is an independent consultant providing services for businesses and organisations across commercial and not-for-profit markets. She advises on developing, building and refining consumer products and services, always applying a critical lens on how best to serve the customer and deliver real value and integrity. A former publisher of consumer and property books, she worked at HarperCollins and Which?, commissioning titles across a range of property specialisms. Most recently, she has worked with publishers and businesses seeking to develop print products into online services, and has launched numerous consumer-facing websites and campaigns in sectors across consumer rights, education, social care and finance.

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Andrew Prismall - Industry Representative

Andrew started his career in Local Searches in 1987 as Local Land Charges Manager for Cardiff City Council. While there, he computerised the Local Land Charges Register and the searches of it. In 1997 he joined a national search firm and oversaw the introduction of the new environmental reports into what he developed as “search packs”. This approach of providing the full range of all reports and expanding the searches available led to him founding his own search company, HW Conveyancing Searches in Hampshire in 2007. In 2016, he was elected as Chairman of IPSA, the independent search companies national trade body. That has led to a place in the HM Land Registry Advisory Board, regular meetings with UK Finance and the Governments Genesis Initiative. Andrew cares passionately about the quality of regulated personal Searches, the reputation of the process and the Registers they are based on.

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Stephen Murray - Industry Representative

Stephen joined the Board in December 2018.  He is Group Compliance Officer at Poweredbypie and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience with over 16 years in the search industry.

Since the merger of PSG with PIE and the rapid expansion and growth of the combined businesses, Stephen's main focus is now on supporting the restructuring of the PSG franchise network, including continuing to support the existing franchised operations together with new opportunities for mergers and acquisitions.  He has also expanded his compliance duties to further support the robust approach to corporate governance, ethical, legal and regulatory policies and frameworks across the businesses.



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