13.1 These Rules may be amended from time to time by the Board if in the opinion of the Board such amendments are necessary or desirable for the purpose of enabling PCCB to discharge its function of monitoring compliance with the Invasives Code and regulating the activities of Registered Firms. 

13.2 Any amendments to these Rules will be notified in writing to Registered Firms and will take effect as from the date specified in such notification. 

13.3 Registered Firms will generally be consulted prior to the introduction of any amendment, variation or modification of these Rules but in exceptional circumstances and with the specific agreement of the Board amendments, variations or modifications to these Rules may be introduced without consultation if in the opinion of the Board immediate amendment of these Rules is necessary or desirable. In these circumstances, Registered Firms will be advised of any amendment, variation or modification within 10 working days and would be able to withdraw their registration under the Invasives Code if they were not content with the changes.