Application, Registration and Annual Renewable Fees

4.1 An application shall be made on the appropriate application form prescribed from time to time by PCCB and shall be accompanied by supporting information to demonstrate that the applicant meets the INNSA membership criteria. The applicant will warrant the accuracy and completeness of the information provided by the applicant together with any later information provided in response to a request under Rule 4.3.

4.2 An application shall be accompanied by such fees as may from time to time be prescribed by the PCCB. 

4.3 PCCB may require from the applicant such information, and may institute such investigation to verify information submitted by the applicant, as it deems necessary. Such information may include but is not limited to requiring the applicant to demonstrate compliance with Rule 5.1. Such investigation may include consulting and sharing application information with INNSA, BASIS and any other organisation that the PCCB deems appropriate.

4.4 PCCB shall consider each application and information provided by the applicant and may decide to register, renew registration or refuse to register or renew registration. 

4.5 If PCCB decides to accept the application it shall promptly notify the applicant in writing by issuing a certificate and shall include the name of the applicant on the Register. PCCB would normally expect to complete its new application processing within one month of receiving from the applicant all the information necessary for PCCB to consider the application, depending on the extent of any investigations and/or further information required.

4.6 The registration of a Registered Firm shall continue until the registration is cancelled under Rules 4.12, 4.13, Rule 8.1.4 or Rule 12. 

4.7 PCCB shall decline registration where an applicant does not meet the criteria laid out in Rules 3 or 4 or does not pay the appropriate fee or does not complete the application documentation satisfactorily. 

4.8 PCCB may decline registration where, in the opinion of the Board, there is an unacceptable risk that the applicant would fail to achieve and/or maintain the high standards required by the Invasives Code and would bring the Code into disrepute. 

4.9 If PCCB decides not to register an applicant it shall notify the applicant with a statement of reasons for the refusal and the applicant may within ten working days of being notified of PCCB's decision make a request in writing to PCCB for a formal review of the application process undertaken by the Property Codes Independent Review Process implemented by the PCCB, as amended, varied or modified from time to time (Annex C).

4.10 Fees shall be of such amounts as PCCB shall from time to time determine and as set out in the PCCB's published registration fee tariff.

4.11 Each Registered Firm shall pay an annual registration renewal fee of such amount as PCCB shall from time to time determine and shall notify to Registered Firms.

4.12 If a Registered Firm fails to pay its registration renewal fee within the time limit specified, its registration shall, subject to Rules 11 and 12, lapse. 

4.13 In the event that a Registered Firm's PII cover lapses or is not renewed, the Registered Firm's registration with PCCB shall automatically lapse and any subsequent reinstatement of registration shall be at the discretion of PCCB.