Disciplinary Procedures

7.1 In these Rules 'an act of misconduct' shall mean any breach of the Invasives Code or these Rules or knowing participation in conduct with a third party that would be a breach if the third party were subject to the Invasives Code and these Rules. 

7.2 PCCB may refer to the Board any matter, which in the opinion of its appropriate officer may involve an act of misconduct by a Registered Firm or any of its employees or any other persons for whom PCCB deems the Registered Firm to be responsible. 

7.3 If, as a consequence of information received from the Registered Firm or from any other person, PCCB reasonably believes that the Registered Firm is conducting its business in a manner which constitutes an act of misconduct, it may suspend the Registered Firm's registration, if in the opinion of the Board the conduct in question has caused, or is reasonably likely to cause, serious or substantial customer detriment. The Board shall notify the Registered Firm in writing of the suspension. The Registered Firm may, within 10 working days of receipt of such notice, appeal against the suspension notice in writing. The appeal will be dealt with via the Property Codes Independent Review Process (Annex C)