INNSA Membership Criteria (Annex A)

INNSA Membership Criteria (Annexe A)

1. Levels of Membership

INNSA offers 4 Levels of Membership:

1.1 Probationary Contractor / Consultant Membership:  All organisations applying for membership will be granted probationary status until they have successfully achieved full INNSA Accreditation.  Organisations can remain probationary members for a maximum of 3 years.

1.2 Accredited Contractor Membership: for organisations that provide control or eradication services relating to invasive non-native plant species.

1.3 Accredited Consultant Membership:for organisations that provide advice to clients on invasive non-native plant species, but who do not carry out any physical works. Consultants’ work includes, but is not necessarily limited to: identification, surveys, management plans and site monitoring.

1.4 Dual Accredited Contractor and Consultant Membership: It is possible for a company to join INNSA as both a Contractor and a Consultant.

An ‘organisation’ is defined as an incorporated company, although partnerships and sole traders may also be considered.

2. Affiliate Partners

2.1 INNSA will consider looking at affiliate partnerships from any organisation wishing to work with them and its membership. This includes suppliers, service providers, property developers, academic institutions, charities and government agencies.

3. Application to register as a subscriber to the Invasives Code

3.1 An organisation wishing to join INNSA is required to register with the Property Codes Compliance Board (PCCB) as a subscriber to the Invasives Code.  Applicants must submit a completed application form along with the correct registration fee and necessary supporting information to demonstrate that the organisation meets the eligibility criteria.

3.2 The application and supporting evidence will be reviewed by the PCCB in consultation as necessary with INNSA. PCCB may request further information and/or an interview or an office / site visit. Any site visit may include attendance by a representative of BASIS (Registration) Ltd.

3.3 Applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application in writing in due course once the application fee has cleared.

3.4 Appoint a “nominated person”

3.4.1 The nominated person will act as the organisation’s Code Compliance Officer and will be the point of contact between the organisation and the PCCB/INNSA.

3.4.2 The Nominated Person will have the necessary skills, expertise and experience to ensure that the products or services being provided by the organisation meets the requirements laid down by INNSA.

3.4.3 The Nominated Person is responsible for ensuring that the products and services provided by the organisation meet the standards required by the PCCB and INNSA.

3.4.4 It is expected that the Nominated Person will be at senior management level or above, and have the authority within the organisation to ensure that such standards are maintained.  


4. Eligibility Criteria for Full Accreditation

4.1 Accredited Membership of INNSA demonstrates that the organisation meets INNSA’s high standards and accordingly has the resources and expertise to provide the service applicable to their membership type.

4.2 Membership eligibility criteria are intentionally set high, so that all customers that engage with INNSA and its members do so with peace of mind that they will receive a high standard of service.

4.3 All INNSA members must agree to:

4.3.1. Abide by Invasives Code and the PCCB Registration Rules at all times.

4.3.2. Pay their Annual Subscription fee on time.

          4.3.3 Provide their service(s) in accordance with current “industry best practice”.

          4.3.4. Employ on a full-time basis a Nominated Person, as defined by INNSA  

          4.3.5 Agree to external inspections and/or compliance audits at any time during

the registration period.

5. Additional Criteria for Consultant Members

5.1 Employ appropriately qualified and experienced individuals who, working under the control of the Nominated Person:

5.1.1 Can correctly identify key non-native invasive plant species

5.1.2 Are aware of the concerns surrounding non-native invasive plant species and the location of reputable information sources

5.1.3 Are aware of the available control measures and their suitability criteria

5.1.4 Know the legislative requirements relating to non-native invasive plants

5.1.5 Can demonstrate a high level of expertise, combining both skills and experience in the treatment of non-native invasive plant species.

5.2 The Nominated Person should hold Full Membership of CIEEM or Associate Membership of IEMA and should ensure that all relevant site surveys and management reports are signed off by the Nominated Member or an employee with equivalent membership(s).

5.3 The membership organisation must hold current Professional Indemnity (PI) insurance for a minimum of £2 million in the aggregate for any one claim, which should cover all services relating to invasive species.

5.4 The membership organisation must be ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accredited if it employees more than 5 members of staff.  Where the company employs less than 5 staff it must be able to demonstrate it has appropriate and robust Management Information Systems.

6. Additional Criteria for Contractor Members

6.1 Be able to demonstrate provision of adequate financial resources to satisfactorily meet its contractual obligations (through third party financial checks).

6.2 Be able to demonstrate a high level of expertise in the treatment of invasive plant species through current membership of BASIS and Amenity Assured

6.3 Be able to demonstrate that employees are suitably trained and competent to carry out the work assigned to them.

6.4 Be able to demonstrate that suitable health & safety arrangements are in place to enable work to be completed safely without undue risk to human health (all members should have a minimum of 1 SSIP scheme i.e. CHAS, SMAS, Safe Contractor etc. See:

6.5 Be able to demonstrate that suitable environmental controls are in place to enable work to be completed without undue risk to the environment (through ISO 14001 and 9001)

6.6 Have and maintain appropriate insurance cover. (PL, PI, EL cover)

6.7 Be able, and agree to provide to all of its domestic clients, insurance-backed guarantees against Japanese knotweed regrowth in the case of the member organisation not being able to meet its guarantee obligations due to insolvency. This must be offered through the INNSA Insurance Backed Guarantee Scheme, which is backed by an FCA regulated insurance company.

6.8 Agree to carry out works for INNSA at cost (or near cost) in the event that an INNSA member defaults and is unable to fulfil its outstanding contractual obligations.


7. Associate Membership

7.1 Once an application form and full supporting evidence is received, the organisation may be granted probationary status until the registration process has been completed. INNSA will endeavour to review all applications and supporting evidence and respond to the applicant within 10 working days of receipt of the application forms and the application fee.

7.2 In some cases, a company may remain as a associate member if they fail to meet the full membership criteria. In such cases, INNSA will work with the company to help them achieve certain accreditations and standards.

These include:

7.2.1 ISO 9001 and ISO 14001: Probationary members may take up to 3 years to achieve these standards

7.2.2 BASIS: Probationary members may take up to 1 year to achieve this standard

7.2.3 Amenity Assured: Probationary members may take up to 1 year to achieve this standard

7.3 If you are granted an extended associate membership (up to a maximum of 3 years) you will receive the same benefits of membership as a fully accredited member but you will NOT be able to use the Invasives Code logo showing full accredited member status until all criteria are met, and you receive accredited member status. Your profile will also show as unaccredited on the INNSA website, and you will not appear in the Invasives Code subscribers register maintained by the PCCB.

7.4 Associate Members will not be able to participate in the INNSA Insurance Backed Guarantee Scheme.