Provision of Information

6.1 A Registered Firm shall provide to PCCB such information as it may from time to time require for the purpose of discharging its function of monitoring compliance with the Invasives Code and these Rules.

6.2 PCCB shall be entitled to inspect and take copies of the records (including without limitation customer records and correspondence and training records) and other documentation, in whatsoever medium retained, ('Records') of Registered Firms for the purpose of ensuring compliance with the Invasives Code and these Rules. Representatives of PCCB shall be entitled to attend at the premises of any Registered Firm for the purpose of inspecting such Records. Representatives of BASIS shall be entitled to attend at and inspect any site where any Registered Firm is carrying out or has carried out operations relating to the control or eradication of invasive non-native plant species. The Registered Firm shall ensure that full co-operation and assistance are given at all times. PCCB and BASIS will ordinarily provide prior notice of a visit to the premises or a site of a Registered Firm and/or a request for copy Records but in exceptional circumstances and with the specific agreement of the Board, PCCB and BASIS reserve the right to attend at premises and sites and/or inspect and take copy Records without prior notice.

        6.3 PCCB may share will BASIS all information and documentation concerning subscriber firms’ compliance with the requirements of Code and Registration Rules and the enforcement thereof.

6.4 PCCB may at its discretion co-operate with any governmental or regulatory (including self-regulatory) organisations in such manner as PCCB may determine and shall in particular be at liberty to divulge to any of the aforesaid persons or bodies any information for the time being in the possession of PCCB regarding any Registered Firm including any information obtained pursuant to these Rules.