'BASIS' means BASIS (Registration) Ltd.
'Board' means the Board of Property Codes Compliance Ltd.
'Competence Requirements' means the Competence Requirements for Registered Firms under the Invasives Code published by INNSA, as amended, varied or modified from time to time. 
'Controller' means those individuals within a registered firm who control the policy setting, direction or operation of activities covered by the Invasives Code including the Code Compliance Officer. 
'INNSA' means the Invasive Non-Native Specialists Association.
'PCCB' means The Property Codes Compliance Board (Property Codes Compliance Ltd)
Professional Indemnity Insurance Requirements (PII) means the Professional Indemnity Insurance Requirements for Registered Firms published by the PCCB, as amended, varied or modified from time to time.
'Registered Firm' means a company, partnership or individual whose name is included on the Register.
'Invasives Code' means the Code of Practice published by INNSA, any successor body or alternative publisher as amended, varied or modified from time to time.
'the Register' means the register maintained by PCCB of Registered Firms who have agreed to adhere to the Invasives Code and to be bound by these Rules.
'working day' means a day which is not a Saturday or Sunday or a public or bank holiday in the United Kingdom