PCCB suspends and fines Bristol HIP Provider

The Property Codes Compliance Board (PCCB) today announced that it has suspended HIP Code subscriber Apollo Surveys after it failed to meet the Board’s tough inspection requirements.

The Bristol based company cancelled two successive prearranged meetings with PCCB inspectors and then failed to provide further evidence of its compliance with the HIP Code on request. The PCCB ruled that the company had been substantially noncompliant and in breach of the HIP Code, and therefore suspended Apollo Survey’s registration until the full completion of an inspection. It also fined the company for the cost of the cancelled inspection.

Richard Footitt, Chairman of the PCCB said: “This move shows that once again the PCCB will act quickly in order to protect the integrity of the HIP and Search Codes. We are determined to uphold the industry codes of practice which are the best guarantee of quality and value for money in a difficult market.

“There can be no excuse for avoiding complete and total transparency. If our industry is to take the lead on self-regulation, then Code subscribers need to be completely open in the way that they gather information and serve the consumer.

“The PCCB demands nothing less than 100% commitment from Code signatories to best practice. If signatories are not being straight with us, then they aren’t with the consumer. And if that’s the case then we will act swiftly to send the message that PCCB cannot guarantee the quality of the product offered by the company and that home buyers and sellers should go elsewhere.”