About the PCCB

The role of the PCCB

Formed in 2006, the PCCB is an independent compliance body. Our primary role is to maintain a register of firms that choose to subscribe to the Search Code of Practice to independently monitor their compliance with the Code. Subscription to the Code is not mandatory but the vast majority of search products in the market are produced by Code subscribers. PCCB is a not for profit organisation with a public interest majority on its Board and is funded entirely from the subscription fees paid by registered firms.

How do we check compliance?

We will independently monitor compliance with the Code by property search providers and assess the extent of compliance of each subscriber. Any adverse reports are followed up to ensure matters have been corrected. In some cases, disciplinary action will be taken. We check compliance via a range of methods:

  • Before initial registration and upon registration renewals, the documents that firms must submit for checking include; sample searches, Compliance Statement(s) signed by senior executives, consumer Terms and Conditions and complaints procedures, and evidence of appropriate Professional Indemnity Insurance.
  • Desktop Audits.
  • Physical compliance inspections

These compliance inspections check:

What if there is a breach of the Code?

If a consumer believes there is a breach of one of the Codes they may address this via the firm's complaints procedure.  If they are not satisfied with the firm’s response they can refer the complaint to The Property Ombudsman.  We may take further action if merited. Each Code subscriber must have procedures in place to deal with complaints such as Code breaches speedily and fairly. If there is a failure to comply with the Code, the PCCB can use its disciplinary measures.
See Registration Rules

Every Code subscriber will have a formal complaints scheme and you should go through this first to give the firm an opportunity to consider your complaint. If you do not accept the decision reached or there is no final response within the stated timescale, you can take your complaint to The Property Ombudsman scheme (TPOs) . Every Code subscriber is obliged to give you details of the Property Ombudsman Scheme, to co-operate fully with Ombudsman during an investigation and to comply with the Ombudsman’s decision.