What the PCCB can do

The PCCB will make sure that organisations comply with the either the Search Code or Invasives Code. We also give advice on the interpretation of the Code to subscribers. The PCCB will:

  • Monitor compliance with the standards set out in both the Search Code and InvasivesĀ Code, through compliance visits and mystery shopper visits.
  • Discipline organisations which do not comply with the Codes. The PCCB will ask organisations to respond to evidence of a breach and insist that they comply. If a subscriber fails to do so, they will be withdrawn from theĀ Register of Subscribing Firms.
  • Maintain a Register of all organisations which subscribe to the Codes.
  • Encourage non-subscribing firms to sign-up to the Codes.
  • Contribute to the regular reviews undertaken on the Codes.

We cannot become involved in disputes between customers and their search provider. The PCCB is however interested in hearing of cases where the search provider appears to have breached the Search Code.