PCCB suspends registration of HIP Provider

The Property Codes Compliance Board (PCCB) today announced that it has suspended the registration of HIP Code subscriber HIP-Save Ltd and HIPserve (UK) Ltd after it persistently failed to meet the Board’s compliance requirements and thereby comply with PCCB’s Registration Rules.

The Baldock based company (formerly based in London) was inspected in 2009 against the requirements of the HIP Code and although it responded satisfactorily to many of the PCCB’s recommendations, it failed to satisfactorily comply with all the associated actions within specified deadlines. The PCCB Compliance Committee therefore imposed a suspension sanction as provided for under PCCB Rules. The firm's details have been removed from the PCCB Register but may be reinstated at a later date if the firm submits to a further inspection and responds satisfactorily to the same.

Richard Footitt, Chairman of the PCCB said: “This action demonstrates that the PCCB will not hesitate to act where it finds instances of non-compliance. In the consumer interest, we are determined to uphold the integrity of the HIP and Search Codes of Practice which are the best guarantee of quality and value for money in a difficult market. The PCCB expects nothing less than fully compliant practice from Code signatories.”