CoPSO Annual Conference - 15th March

At The Victory Services Club, Seymour Street, London, W2 2HF

Not only will the format for the PCCB session be very different this year, we are delighted that Graham Farrant, CEO of HM Land Registry will be joining us along with Kate Faulkner, from Designs on Property and Nick Carey from Ordnance Survey.  

There will be a Code Compliance Workshop during the morning and we would greatly encourage CCOs to come along although everyone will be most welcome to join us. As part of the interactive session we will look at case studies that illustrate the compliance issues brought to light during the past year.

Something to ponder on…….what does the search code have in common with a pearl?

I watched “The Coronation” TV programme a few weeks ago. If you saw it, you may recall the Queen talked about the valuable pearls in the all-important Crown.  She said they had lost their shape and looked rather sad because the Crown was locked away in a cupboard and never saw the light of day.

She also commented that pearls were living things and needed to be kept warm.

Where do you keep your important Search Code? How valuable is it to you? Is it locked away and only comes out at renewal or inspection time? or do you live it, keep it warm and allow it to help keep your business in good shape.

The PCCB Workshop is a good opportunity to get the Search Code out, breathe new life into it, ask questions, share best practice, catch up with changes and meet likeminded colleagues in the Search Industry. We really hope you will join us.

Lorna Bown

PCCB Inspector


To book, please contact Emma Cook - 08714 237192 or