PCCB will be presenting at the CoPSO Conference - 26th May

The CoPSO conference is fast approaching, and all Search Code subscribers are encouraged to book a place.

It is a good opportunity for the Inspectors, particularly the new ones, to meet up with as many users of the Search Code as possible, to have good conversations, hear feedback, answer questions and listen to suggestions of how communications can be improved. Every interaction with a user of the Search Code helps to make the inspection team more accessible and approachable.

It is important the PCCB create a culture of assisted compliance and engage with Code Compliance Officers and Senior Executives, but it is also good to get an opportunity to speak with operational and customer facing teams within the business. To hear the experiences of using standard Search Code templates, interpreting the compliance notes and how they take action when bulletins are issued with required changes. These things are all key to the success of the Search Code and ultimately protect your business and consumers.

Compliance Note CN02A, Integrity and Skill was revised and issued in February 2022 and, as part of that revision, two new Code requirements were added and must be complied with :-

1. Ensure that any newly appointed Code Compliance Officer attends a training session/interview arranged by PCCB within 3 months of appointment.

2. Ensure that the firm’s Code Compliance Officer attends at least one PCCB Compliance Forum PR Inspector update per year Attendance at the conference will meet the second requirement.

The PCCB will be presenting at the Conference, this will be an interactive session alongside one of the adjudicators from The Property Ombudsman, to look at case studies and the outcome.

Please take the opportunity to join us on 26th May, the admission to the conference is free for all CoPSO members and Code subscribers, as is the lunch and light refreshments.

It is a good place to meet and chat with other likeminded members, do a bit of business but also please remember to come and say hello.

Book here - https://www.eventbrite.com/e/copso-conference-2022-tickets-296890877607