The Search Code turns 18

The Search Code which provides protection for homebuyers, lawyers, mortgage lenders and estate agents is celebrating its 18th birthday.  The Code, which was developed by the Council of Property Search Organisations (CoPSO) was designed to set high standards in the private sector search industry and give peace of mind to home buyers that they could rely on the information provided in searches. The Code is regulated by the independent Property Codes Compliance Board (PCCB) which undertakes pro-active inspections of Search Code subscribers to ensure that they are adhering to the provisions of the Code.

James Sherwood-Rogers, Chair of CoPSO said ’The Search Code has become established over the past 18 years as the quality standard for private sector searches and is evidence that industry regulation can be effective and meaningful. The proactive independent regulation exercised by the PCCB ensures that the provisions of the Code are maintained to the highest standard.’

Nicky Heathcote, Chair of the PCCB commented: ‘The Search Code plays a vital role in helping home buyers and their lawyers identify search providers who can be relied upon, and provides reassurance that on the very rare occasion that something might go wrong, they are fully protected by insurance, as well as the redress mechanism provided by The Property Ombudsman. The PCCB takes its consumer protection role very seriously at a time of great stress for home buyers and sellers.’