How to register

In order to register your firm with the PCCB, you need to complete our online registration process. Please have the required documentation with you when completing your registration.

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Groups and Franchises

If you are a group with a number of subsidiaries or brands which want to subscribe under the Code or you are a franchisor or franchisee, please contact the PCCB ( before commencing the online registration process.

Please note that if you are applying to register as a franchisee, the PCCB and the main franchise operations have a policy that inspection reports (including pre-registration reports) are shared with the franchisor as well as the franchisee. This is in the interests of securing consistency among franchisees and making the franchisor aware at an early stage of any changes which may be required to national systems, processes, or templates. 

Register with the PCCB under the Search Code >

Here is a list of things you should have:
  • Code Compliance Officer (CCO) and Senior Executive Officer (SEO) details
  • Professional Indemnity (PI) Insurance details
  • Company search statistics including number of staff employed and annual quantities produced

Registration Categories

Dependent on the nature of their business, a search firm may register with the PCCB as a subscriber to the Search Code as a Compiler, Retailer or both. A search compiler is defined as a firm that compiles searches itself. A search retailer is defined as a firm that sells or resells searches irrespective of whether they have been compiled by themselves or a third party. However, if the searches have been sourced from a search firm not registered with the PCCB then the obligations and responsibilities under the Search Code rest with the seller of the search.

The Registration Procedure

Once you have completed your online application you will be contacted:

  • by a PCCB Search Code Compliance Inspector about the documents and information you need to upload for compliance checking; and
  • by the PCCB Secretariat with an invoice for the appropriate subscription fee. Please note that the subscription fee must be paid before the PCCB Inspector’s review of documents and information can commence.

Please note that no refund will be payable should a firm withdraw its registration application after the point that PCCB has confirmed acceptance of the application and commenced document/sample product checking.

The required documents will vary depending on the nature of the firm’s business.  An illustrative example of the type of documents and information often required can be found here.

Upon receipt, PCCB Inspectors will review the materials and information submitted and provide a short report via e-mail with recommendations for any actions needed to secure satisfactory compliance with the Search Code. If you have any queries on the report, you can contact the inspector for advice.

You will need to report back to the Inspector via e-mail on actions taken to implement the recommendations, together with any supporting evidence requested. The Inspector will review your report back and may seek further actions as necessary.

Upon satisfactory completion of this process, the Inspector will then advise the PCCB Secretariat accordingly so that the registration application can proceed.

This process need not take long provided the required documents and information are submitted promptly and the Inspector’s recommendations are acted upon quickly. As a backstop PCCB reserves the right to cancel the application if a firm fails to conclude the pre-registration checking process within three months.

The period of registration will commence once PCCB has issued confirmation that all the documents/sample products are in order. Registration will be conditional upon:

  • the firm’s Code Compliance Officer co-operating with PCCB Inspectors to ensure compliance with the Code; and
  • a satisfactory outcome to an inspection visit to be carried out by a PCCB inspector within 3 months of the registration date.

Registration will run for 12 months from the date of confirmation of registration and will need to be renewed annually thereafter.

Please note that no subscription refund will be payable should registration cease during the registration period, for whatever reason.  


CoPSO Membership

As a firm registered with PCCB, you also become a Code Subscriber member of The Council of Property Search Organisations (CoPSO).  If you would like to upgrade at any time to enjoy more benefits, the membership categories and annual fees are:-

Affiliate - £618 plus VAT

Associate - £1545 plus VAT

Executive - £8240 plus VAT

Membership criteria and benefits can be found on the CoPSO website -

Please contact CoPSO direct – for further details

July 2024